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How language defines your reality

Have you ever wondered how our language shapes the way we see the world? To truly grasp reality, we must first put it into words and categorize our experiences. However, language is a very unreliable tool when it comes to understanding what’s ‘real’. We make up the words to talk about whatever takes our attention […]

Multiple Intelligences in language learning

If you have ever heard about several intelligences, then you are introduced to Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, which he first outlined in his book “Frames of mind” in 1983. This theory has come under a lot of criticism from psychologists and educators who argued that Gardner’s definition of intelligence is too broad and that […]

Speaking and communication barriers

If you search for the definition of speaking or language barrier you will find something as follows: challenges faced by people or groups speaking different languages and dialects. Moreover, language barriers include misunderstandings and misinterpretations that come from a lack of clarity of thought and speech. Such barriers can be found across verbal, non-verbal and […]

Ditch the traditional classroom: A guide to brain-friendly language learning.

Open your study book on the page… Exercise 2…. write down…. place the missing words… Aren’t you bored yet? Well, I am! Before I started using coaching principles in my work I was a classic type teacher, working for an evening language school, following the program and feeling soo disappointed with the fact that my […]

Cracking the Code: Insights from My Language Learning Journey

Throughout my life, I’ve had the opportunity to learn foreign languages in different ways and in different circumstances . Each experience has been unique, presenting its own set of challenges and techniques. Now, as I reflect on my language learning journey, I want to share my insights with you and uncover the key factors that […]

Why language learners need mindfulness practice

Are you struggling to make progress in your language learning journey, despite hours of study and practice? The truth is, mastering a new language requires more than just memorization and repetition (although they are so important!). It requires a deep level of presence, awareness, and mindfulness.  You might be surprised to learn that incorporating mindfulness into […]

What your second language does to your brain

According to statistics, 40 percent of the world population are monolinguals, 43 percent are bilinguals, and the rest speak more than two languages fluently. Bilingualism is a norm. (Data 2021) The scientists around the world wonder how speaking a few languages affect our brain; before it was believed that speaking 2 languages slows down the cognition […]

5 lessons from a language coach

Language coaching is a new and fast-developing discipline which offers new niches and original approaches. It tackles the endeavor of language acquisition however it’s not solely about language. Just like other types of coaching, language coaching taps into diverse elements of lived experience of the coachee, it is never about just one aspect of coachee’s […]

From England to the World: The Future of English

English has become the most dominant language worldwide. It all started when it was the language of Britain, a powerful colonial and industrial leader, in the 17th to 19th centuries. Later on, the United States rose to economic prominence in the late 19th and 20th centuries, which further spread the influence of English. Thanks to […]

Fear of making a mistake

For many learners of foreign languages the main block is usually created by the fear of making a mistake. Why are we so afraid to make a mistake that we rather sabotage our relationships, socialization, work opportunities, better income and better life style? Fear of making a mistake is essentially the fear of being criticized […]

What is Native Speakerism

Let’s discuss and shift our minds around native speakerism! Results of my polls on LinkedIn and Telegram show the same preference: native speaker of English is a more desired tutor/teacher/coach. I am deeply convinced, that every language learner wants to have the best service, the best results, feel the change in the way they communicate […]

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