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Feedback from my clients

Unique requests call for unique approach

“Katherina taught that English is not a lesson, it is a long journey. With her help, I was able to adapt English to my daily life.

I used to talk less because I was afraid of making mistakes, but now I love my mistakes! I learned from her to improve my English skills with my mistakes.

I feel so lucky to meet Katherina! Thank you so much Katherina for your support, help, coaching and everything…”

Eda S. (Occupational Safety specialist, HugoBoss)

“(Oxford graduate school admission interview preparation.)
I had booked a 4-hour conversation package from Katherina. Thanks to her planned and meticulous work, the lessons were very productive. Her attitude is highly understanding, supportive, and empathetic, resulting in effective communication. Besides practicing English, there was also psychological support that made me more confident. She reminded me to breathe many times 🙂 All in all, Katherina is an expert in personalized training. She clearly understands your needs and designs lessons accordingly. Many thanks, Katherina! Hope to see you again.”

Başak B. (Graduate Student)

“Hi Katherina. I’ve only once been able to join your Conversation club in Karsiyaka (Izmir, Turkey) before Covid and I found it very useful to overcome the fear of speaking in a foreign language with your mindful inputs and the way of teaching the new words in a perspective of making them useful in daily language. Your warmth opens up people’s hearts I believe. You have such encouraging and big smile. Thanks for being you. Hope to have projects together with you👍👊😉🤗”

Seda TEKECİ (Public Relationship)

“The hardest things when learning English are motivation and regular work. That is why the teacher is very important. Katherina finds out where you are stuck and she can solve the problem very easily. After that you continue with high motivation. In our first lesson Katherina taught me to love my mistakes and be happy with every little achievement. Now I allow myself to make mistakes because I’m learning.”

Ezgi (R&D)

“It is an inspiring route! More than learning a language. Katherina has encouraged me to discover myself while improving English. The best part, our program is far from routine and is shaped in accordance with my life fluctuations and milestones. Combination of coaching and learning English is a more brilliant project than I could Imagine.”

Necat (Leader Technologist)

“I wanted to thank you for touching my life. In our conversations we talked about a lot of things, about life and personal development. They were valuable at that time but in the last few years I have better understood how valuable the content of the conversations is and what it really means to me.

I knew it was never only about English, it was always more. But now at my age I understand better what English and mindset coach is.
If you wonder, my English is still not perfect, I’m still struggling, I make millions of mistakes a day 🙂 Most importantly, I trust and believe in myself. And I can’t deny your contribution in this. I thank you so much for our work and your support!”

Selen (Architect)

“Hello everybody,
I work at a global company and I have many responsibilities. English is very important for my work and I needed a very specialized, tailor-made English language course. I work with Katherina who has different competencies and tools like coaching, meditation, HR knowledge and intellectual perspective.
As I said I work very hard and it can get too stressful sometimes. At the end of a work day you may feel bad, angry, tired etc. but Katherina can quickly help to shift my focus, in 5 minutes I can concentrate on our work with more awareness and after the course I feel motivated for life.
This is like an English course but at the same time it is motivation, introspection, coaching, conversation, personal development.
These days we work on agility, flexibility and multi-functionality. I feel lucky because Katherina is professional and she supports us with different effective tools. All in one.
I strongly recommend this method! Thank you, Katherina!”

Sercan (Hr Manager)

“-I met with Katherina when I faced a highly challenging issue for me –
I was asked to attend a panel session at an international occasion and make a presentation, for the very first time in English…
I was nervous at the beginning since I had a really unpleasant experience in expressing myself in English just a few weeks before that during an important film recording.
We started to work with Katherina and my perception has totally changed. She was not a teacher dictating what is right and what is wrong, but a coach allowing me to look at the topic through completely different windows with the methods she uses. The tools that she uses are simple but effective: listening deeply and asking strong questions. This supported me through the way to achieve the results I wanted.
For this reason, anyone who wants to take the time to think and develop their own potential in any kind of challenges must work with her.
Katherina, many thanks for this extraordinary experience, I feel confident and comfortable with your help!”

Ebru (Hr Manager)

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