Own your learning journey

Group language coaching course – 3-month journey towards your goals.

New group opening February 2024


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Course Structure:

12 Weekly Goal-Centric speaking sessions with the group: Every week is a step toward your well-defined goals.
4 Pair Work Sessions: Team up for accelerated progress.
4 Personal Coaching Sessions: One-on-one guidance to fine-tune individual work on your language goals.
Group chat with non-stop support, exchange of learning materials and tools, voice messages in Telegram.

This course is designed for ambitious individuals who want to:
  • build strong relationships with English,
  • become independent and empowered learners,
  • align their English learning journey with their life goals,
  • understand how to set and achieve language learning goals.

‘Own your learning journey’ is a group coaching course for you to practice English speaking with your peers, who have similar struggles and dreams. You will find support of others and offer your own experience in language learning to benefit study group members. This is a transformative experience of personal growth; you will delve deep into your desires, fears, and needs to create a powerful personalized learning plan that aligns with your journey.

Three-Month Evolution:

Month 1 – Mindful beginnings:
We will begin with some insightful time to get to know each other, start realizing our pains and wants and how similar or different we are in this group. During the first month I will be guiding you and we will engage in meditation, emotional intelligence activities, and reflective exercises to confidently step into your goals realization. This foundation sets the tone for your entire journey that is why deep commitment is required at this stage.

Month 2 – Engage and create:
In the second month, we’ll try some creative exercises to unlock greater self-expression in English, provide insights into your learning process; you will start speaking and engaging increasingly in our sessions. As you become more comfortable, you’ll naturally start taking a more active role in guiding the group’s activities. Throughout, my role will be to provide continuous support, ensuring you stay motivated and make progress toward your goals.

Month 3 – Empowered learning:
This is where you step in to shape the course. You’ll contribute your ideas, topics, and activities. This phase is all about your opportunity to shine. Together, you and your fellow learners function as an independent group. You’ll have a clear sense of how and what you want to learn, offering mutual support and creating a solid learning strategy. Abundant speaking practice will also be a key part of this phase.

New Group Opening: February 2024

What ‘Own Your Learning Journey’ course participants say about this experience:
“You helped me achieve my goals, you teach how to learn.”
“It’s not just about English, you are a great coach and affect our lives.”
“I like your perspective on learning, insights I get, I learned new things. I had no goals in English but now I understand what and how to learn.”

Join us to experience a course that’s more than just language learning. It’s an opportunity to transform your relationship with English, assert yourself as a lifelong learner and strengthen yourself with the skills to set, pursue, and conquer your language goals. 

  • Figure out your ‘why’ and slay the motivation dragon.
  • Build your learning strategy.
  • Commit to your goals with the support of the coach and group members.
  • Create your toolbox with effective learning tools.
  • Get clarity.
  • Understand self-discipline.
  • Learn to track your progress. 
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