Mindset matters course

Video course Mindset matters with its roots in mindfulness and neuroscience in a package with 2 hours of language coaching.


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This package includes English language video course Mindset matters + 2 sessions (60 min each) of personalized language coaching online. You can choose when you want these 2 hours of online coaching, during the course or after it (you have 3 weeks to schedule the 1-1 sessions).

In this course we will work on your mindset and your relationship with English language. We will use various tools to do it like mindfulness, storytelling and work with voice. The course is for you if you feel blocked when speaking and if you generally have negative feelings about your English.

Mindset is the source of change. Change they way you think and feel about your English, process of learning and your voice with this video course!

Made with care for your mind.