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Welcome to MindHygiene!

I’m passionate about helping clients learn English in a way that’s transformative, holistic, and effective. Through my journey of experimenting and fusing the principles and tools of coaching, mindfulness, and neuroscience, I’ve found a  formula that truly works!  I believe that learning English is a journey towards your authentic self.
At MindHygiene, I offer holistic English sessions that help clients become more mindful, present, and grounded, allowing language to flow easily. By incorporating coaching exercises that help clients upgrade their beliefs about language learning and find their unique motivation, I help them to immerse English learning into their busy lives. I believe in holistic education, where I focus on the whole person, including their emotional, social, academic, and ethical needs in an integrated format.
My approach is also based on Neurolanguage coaching®, a method that blends the latest discoveries of neuroscience with coaching principles. As an ELC certified and ICF accredited Neurolanguage coach®, I help clients unlock the potential of their brain, understand how it works, and overcome any blocks that may hinder their progress.
I understand that traditional teaching methods can be limiting, so at MindHygiene, I build the learning process around the individual client, not just information or knowledge. If you’re ready to take your English learning journey to the next level, let’s schedule a free discovery call to explore how we can work together to achieve your goals.


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